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HoG looking for translator

  |  22.01.21

House of Guramayle is a collaborative intersectional platform created by a group of activists based in different parts of the world joined by common regional and cultural identities (Ethiopian and East African). This platform aims to support and create a safe space for marginalised groups, including but not limited to the Ethiopian LGBTIQ+ community, diaspora, and refugee and asylum seekers. HoG works with marginalised groups to ensure their voices and ideas are heard and taken into account.

We engage with key organisations and partners to target changes in culture, policies, resource allocation, legislation, institutions, and practices so that both current and future generations know their rights and can fulfil their potential. HoG brings expertise to analyse key issues and implements advocacy strategies for priority issues and campaigns, through partnerships and communications. HoG works with different activists/advocacy groups at the grassroots level, providing a strong basis for policy analysis and advocacy to achieve meaningful change.

Do you need help?

We have a directory of resources for Ethiopian LGBTIQ+ community members in danger.